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Whats included...

60-minute Success Session  ($100 Value)

Health Risk Assessment / Health Risk Assessment

Complete the Health Risk Assessment, based on the American College of Sports Medicine's (ACSM) physical readiness questionnaire. We can use this information along with information from your Health History Questionnaire to categorize your risk for cardiovascular, metabolic and pulmonary disease to help us best determine the proper training strategy to help you get up to speed.

InBody (Body Composition) Analysis

Examine the muscle, fat and water content of your body using this 2-minute Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. This analysis allows coaches to use the information to establish a baseline for S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goals setting and  optimization of your training program and nutritional strategy. Periodic re-analysis allows us to track your progress and make adjustments when needed.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Identify limitations and/or asymmetries in your movement quality through the Functional Movement Screen. This assessment allows coaches to find deficits in mobility, stability and/or motor control in order to prevent injuries and optimize performance. From these results, each athlete will receive their own personalized corrective exercise strategy to help improve on their biggest weaknesses.

60-minute Athletic Evaluation  ($100 Value)

Corrective Exercise Strategy

Our Corrective Exercise Strategy is developed on an individual basis and is centered around the Functional Movement Screen from the Strategy Session. Using the FMS, we can identify movement dysfunction and determine the most effective strategy to help you move and perform better. ​

Movement Prep

Our Movement Prep begins with the Dynamic Warm-Up, using a series of low, moderate, and high intensity movements that increase body temperature and heart rate, enhance motor unite excitability, develop kinesthetic awareness, and maximize range of motion while preparing the body for more rigorous activity. After the dynamic warm-up, the core activation phase trains the hips, torso and shoulder to provide a stable foundation to produce movement and transfer force. Following core activation, the power development phase prepares the nervous system for high-speed and high-force production.

Athletic Evaluation

The Athletic Evaluation takes athletes through a series of sport-specific tests and measures to evaluate each individuals strengths and weaknesses and to set a physical preparation baseline. Along with the FMS, the Athletic Evaluation will create a performance profile that will be periodically re-tested at various times throughout the year. These retests help the coaches to re-evaluate their training systems and make the necessary adjustments to further enhance an athletes physical preparation.

4-Week Training Program  ($625 Value)

2-Weeks of Semi-Private Coaching

Athletes will start their Jumpstart Training program with 2-weeks of Semi-Private Coaching. This gives new athletes a semi-customized training plan in a small group of 1-4 athletes per coach. This provides athletes with a higher degree of supervision, as needed for first-timers. The primary goal of this phase is to allow new athletes to familiarize themselves with our training system and feel prepared for a little more independence for the next 2-weeks of classes

2-Weeks of Athletic Development Classes

Following the Semi-Private Coaching, athletes will transition into our Athletic Development Classes. These classes provide semi-customized training programs in a larger group with up to 12 other athletes. This provides a team atmosphere and highly motivational culture, centered around hard work, a positive attitude, and success in sport and life. Following this phase, athletes will have a strong understanding of all of the programs we have to offer, for ongoing training.

TheraGun Recovery Session

($25 Value)

Included in our Athletic Development Jumpstart program is a 30-Minute TheraGun Recovery Session. The TheraGun uses neuromuscular percussion therapy to improve lymphatic flow, reduce lactic acid, and relieve muscle soreness and stiffness. Let us target areas of increased soreness or give yourself a full body treatment

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